State of Origin LIVE: Qld v NSW

Blues fans show their support before game three of the State of Origin series at Suncorp Stadium. Photo: Getty Images Don’t expect the Queensland fans to stick around for the trophy presentation tonight if 2005 was any guide when Blues skipper Danny Buderus held the shield aloft in front of many empty seats. Photo: Steve Christo
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Can NSW make is a clean sweep?

State of Origin


Maroons fan Matthew Prentice poses for a photo before game three of the State of Origin series between the Queensland Maroons and the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium. Photo: Getty Images

State of Origin LIVE: Qld v NSW

Good evening folks. Welcome to our live coverage of Origin III from Suncorp Stadium. They say there’s no such thing as a dead rubber, although that’s a complete fib become I’m staring at one right now. However, we can probably tweak that to suggest most Origin dead rubbers are above the average dead piece of rubber. Remember 2009? I was only watching that this afternoon, carefully shielding the eyes of the children when I saw Brett White about to wind up and lay out Steve Price. Fiery encounter…. will we see anything like that tonight? With the ‘no punch’ rule, maybe not. But I just have a feeling all that rubbish, annoying little niggling throughout the series could really erupt tonight the first sign of a forearm to the face.

Weather report…. lovely night, chilly for Brisbane but that’s anything under 15 degrees. Not sure if it’s a complete sell out but I’d say there will only be a few hundred seats left. My predictions have been completely useless all series but I may as well try to shoot another fish with my last spear. I’ll say Queensland by 12 tonight, mostly on the back of Cooper Cronk’s return. Kid goes good.

Shout out to anyone reading from exotic destinations around the world. Let us know if where you are…. Dubbo doesn’t count as ‘exotic’, for the record.null

Who will win game three of the State of Origin series? http://t上海后花园/yaf4aJ6umNpic.twitter上海后花园m/XzWQsJ4BwX— SMH Sport (@SMHsport) July 9, 2014

Not long to go now folks. The Brothers Madden are singing for our/your/everybody’s pleasure now. At least it’s not Justice Crew, although they may as well be Bruce Springsteen if you happen to be my eight-year-old daughter. And if you are my daughter, go to bed. Back at the footy, we’re getting closer to the finale of the 2014 series. Game one here was a flat-out all-timer. Game two was, well, I’m not sure. Great outcome for NSW but the game never really soared I didn’t think. I’m just hoping we see some running rugby league here to ice the cake for the year.

Predictions? First one that says ‘pain’ wins one of the books from my desk. Not Juiced though.

Drama! Joel Madden tells the crowd he supports NSW. Benji? Wait for it… Queensland! That’s a serious conflict right there. I wonder if they have a ‘no punch’ rule? I was good mates with twins growing up and they used to punch on all the time. Great fun.null

Here is a walk down memory lane me with the boys after NSW last origin clean sweep #stateoforigin#NRLpic.twitter上海后花园m/oZwnjwahvX

— Adam MacDougall (@adammacdougall5) July 9, 2014

Not many spare seats at all here tonight. Maybe 51k and change? I got up to 49,000 and then the pies came out so I had to start again. Snap predictions right here:

Man of the match: Jarryd Hayne

Player that played well and you didn’t even realise he was out there: Ryan Hoffman

Player responsible for lighting the most fires in the village: Cooper Cronk

Did you know? James McManus is playing for NSW. IRL.

Most predictable step that nobody seems to predict: Justin Hodges (it’s off the right, if any players are reading)

G’day to Parso81 who is in Vietnam and watching from Vung Tao. Not riding a chinook, I presume. Maybe after the game. Enjoy mate! Weather update from your part of the globe?

The @LeagueHQ1 expert panel (two members pictured below) have their say on #Origin III http://t上海后花园/nRFTmoTFFZpic.twitter上海后花园m/jvX1ZEMZ36

— LeagueHQ(@LeagueHQ1) July 8, 2014

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